After downloading and installing your Microsoft Office 2019 pack you may be wondering how to activate your software successfully. we would like to let you know that you can effectively activate your Office 2019 suite in two separate ways, whether you use the online activation method or the phone activation.

In this article, we will guide you to activate Office 2019

So now let’s find out how to activate your Office 2019 software

Check these steps to know how to activate your Office 2019 Package :


1. Launch any Office application, such as Excel 2019 or Word 2019.


office application 2019


2. Click on “blank workbook” then “file”


blank workbook 2019

3. Select “Account”


account 2019


4. Consult and accept the license agreement if you are prompted.


accept license agreement

5. Activation can be realized automatically.


activation office -2019

Congratulation! Your Office 2019 is activated successfully.